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Welcome to the Olive Leaf Journal

"These pages are an expression of our gratitude to our Lord Jesus Christ for the mercy and love He has shown to us through the Catholic Church."

THIS WEBSITE is maintained by members of A People of Peace Community, Inc. We are largely a group of lay Catholics who, for over 30 years, have chosen to share our lives together in a common effort to respond to the gift of God’s love.

We are ordinary people touched by extraordinary grace. We have jobs and many of us are married with children and grandchildren; we have all the joys and struggles of ordinary life. We strive to be faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church because that is the vehicle our Father uses to touch us, love us, form us, support us and commission us. Our response is that of the laity, which is reflected in this Journal.

While we believe that the fullness of God’s revelation is contained within the Catholic Church, we also understand that we are still growing into that revelation and, as we grow, so may our understanding deepen.

The first Olive Leaf was a print periodical made available in the parishes of the Archdiocèse de Saint-Boniface <www.archsaintboniface.ca> and the Archdiocese of Winnipeg <www.archwinnipeg.ca> at the invitation of the pastor. Its purpose was to edify, inform and support the laity. Olive Leaf was distributed without charge for several years. This website was originally established as an adjunct of the print journal.

We have seen that, while people have many reasons for coming here, there are a number of questions which keep coming up. In response, we have decided to answer them as best we can and broaden the website so that it points the way to additional resources.

WELCOME to the Olive Leaf Journal. We hope and pray that it will help deepen your experience of our Father’s love for you.