"A lay Catholic perspective"

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Short Letters to the Editor

The following very short letters were received from the people indicated.
Bill & MaryLou Clapham, Canada
These readings where very comforting to me. Thank you so much for the peace I feel at this moment.
MaryLou (née Renaud) Clapham
Marguerite Groulx, Canada
I enjoyed the introduction of this site.
Fr. Paul Tinguely, St. Lazare & Shoal Lake, Manitoba
There were good things on marriage that were recently reported in Olive Leaf. Thank you.
Fr. Anthony Korewa, St. Hedwig's, Brandon, Manitoba
Olive Leaf is very well done and is very interesting. My parishioners like reading Olive Leaf very much.
Fr. Wayne Morrissey, Good Shepherd Church, Portage La Prairie, Manitoba
A popular publication; the number we put out are always taken.
Fr. Leo Fernandes, St. Columba's Church, Swan River, Manitoba
(from parishioners): Pleased to have some Catholic magazines.
Fr. Robert Bernardin O.M.I, Notre Dame Church, Toutes-Aides, Manitoba
Olive Leaf contains excellent articles. I recommend it from the pulpit each issue.
Rev. Mr. Rudy LeMaitre, Chaplain -- Winnipeg Remand Centre
Well received by the inmates at Winnipeg Remand Centre.
Holy Ghost Parish, Winnipeg, Manitoba
We have comments that our parishioners do find the booklet informative and enjoyable to read.
Blanche MacDonald, St. Anthony's Parish, Lloyminister, Alberta
I really enjoy Olive Leaf and I have received favourable comments here too.
Gilbert Vielfaure -- Director, Catholic School of Evangelization, St. Malo, Manitoba
Thanks for giving us your internet address. We praise the Lord for the work you are doing.
Roger Ingram -- Director, Golden Boy TEC, Winnipeg, Manitoba
It's great to be able to "network" our faith. I will definitely add your link to our page and I would greatly appreciate you adding our link to yours.
Mary and Jack Mallet
We enjoy the magazine very much. Keep the effort up as we certainly need lots of Catholic truth flowing forth into our society. Thank you and God bless all of you in 1997 with good health and lots of His joy.
JoAnn Malbone, Tomahawk, Wisconsin, USA
Wonderful, just simply wonderful!
Brian Kirk, USA
Well laid out, interesting topics. Keep up the good work, I will be praying for you!
Julie McDowell
Great page!! Keep up the good work!
Mike Wargo, Dallas, Texas, USA
Keeping you all in my prayers!