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International Letters

Deacon Jerry
As Roman Catholic Deacon, I am very impressed with your site; especially your defense of the truth that is Roman Catholicism. I have been searching the web for Native American spirituality and Catholicism. I help Native Americans to reconcile their ways with the Church. Although I am not Native, I have been told that I have the spirit of Black Elk. [See Native Spirituality for a link to the article.] Your site has helped me.
Thanks and God Bless.
Tracey Gates, Citronelle, Alabama, U.S.A.
Thank you for this wonderful website! I especially enjoyed the essay on Nicholas Black Elk. I am a Catholic homeschool mother of seven beautiful blessings from our Heavenly Father. We live in Alabama, just off of the MOWA Choctaw reservation. Would it be possible to receive your Olive Leaf even though we live so far away? THANK YOU!
Blessings on your Community!
Fr. Gerard Alwill, Cavan, Ireland
I have just visited your web site. Congratulations and well done on a very interesting site. I really enjoyed the page on confession and especially the replies to "Why not just confess to God?" and "what will the priest think?" Best wishes and God bless you and your work.
The Brothers of Christ in the Desert, Chama Canyon, New Mexico
Thank you for your message. Be assured that we are indeed praying for your organization at this time. We will also pray that your homepage is a success and filled with the blessings of our Lord Jesus. We hope your ministry becomes a blessing to others. May the blessings and peace of our Lord Jesus and the love of our Mother Mary be with you now and always.
Bud Macfarlane Jr. MI, Founder and Executive Director of CatholiCity and the Mary Foundation, Fairview Park, Ohio, USA
I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed browsing your site. I also want to thank the members of your community who have been praying for CatholiCity. I've met a few in our chat rooms, and they're just about the kindest people I've ever met. God bless your important work and community.
Daniel Martin Cheuka & John Benjamin Tatum, Mansfield, Ohio, USA
Your newsletter is wonderful in all respects. It was a joy and a pleasure to both Daniel and I. It is due to the gift of dear friends that we have access to the Internet at all (our benefactor that works at Prodigy and provides us with 15 hours of service a month, and the 5 free hours we get of Worldnet for being an AT&T long distance subscriber). We are both disabled and on very fixed incomes, and your free resource means a lot to us. It has been a blessing, and we hope that you will continue to offer such a wonderful, high quality resource for many years into the future.
Michael LaMonica, Midland, Texas USA
Loved it!!! I have always wondered if the first Christian Community formed after Pentecost could be resurrected. It sounds like it has... I will pray for you and I hope you for me and my family.
Ana Paula de Alcantara Correia, Brazil
It's a pleasure for me to visit this page. I am very happy, because I could see what the people can do for God, when they are "falling in love" with Him.... I'll recomend this page to my Brazilian friends. God bless!
Sean Loughlin, United Kingdom
Thanks for this page! I lived in Montreal, Canada twenty years ago and had close connection with Benedict Labré House. I am pleased to see that the spirit of Christian community is alive in Canada!
Gerard F. Bugge, USA
Thanks for your site - so clean, clear and lovely. (I envy your "organizing" skills - my site, as you see, is like a garden without a road map!) Thanks for your visit to my site and your prayer for me. Reciprocated all around!
Danny Crawley, London, England
Your site is really good. Reading your letter page, it is wonderful to see that we have so many Catholic brothers and sisters around the world. God bless you and your ministry, and God bless the net for bringing us all together!