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Canadian Letters

Sheila McCoy, Lennoxville, (Québec)
Thank you so very much for the issues of the "Olive Leaf" which I received in the mail a couple of days ago. I have since been enjoying the many interesting articles and also have a better understanding of "A People of Peace" from the E-mail that you sent.
I will write within the next week and send a small donation in thanks for the beautiful issues of "Olive Leaf" which I find so very interesting and uplifting.
Claude Gosselin, Rouyn-Noranda, (Québec)
My father is French-Canadian, my mother is an Algonquin lady. I read through part of your site. I will add it to my bookmarks. I found it very interesting & inspiring.
I will include you in my prayers, and I hope to be included in yours.
May the peace of Christ be with you.
Bridget Secker, Chilliwack, B.C.
I've enjoyed my visit to your pages. My husband, Bob, and I have been married 5 years and we have 3 children, Jacinta, Christopher & Nancy. We too strive to live the Gospel from our home in downtown Chilliwack, B.C. I'd love to know more about your community. Thank-you and God bless you and your community. May you be rewarded.
Clay Moran, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia
I met Pius and Theresa Burke. We have grown to be soul friends and I thank God for their presence here in Nova Scotia. I will be visiting this site again.
Thank-you all for sharing. May God Bless you in your work.
Bob Mitchell, O.F.M., Franciscan Friars, Mount Saint Francis Retreat, Cochrane, Alberta
I am writing to ask if you would add us to your mailing list and send us the Olive Leaf whenever it is published. Because it is lay-directed and because many of the articles are by lay women and men I feel it will be beneficial not only for the friars who live here, but also for the many retreatants who come here over the retreat years.
Fr. David Kowalski, Camperville, Manitoba
For many of my parishioners in the mission parishes, the Olive Leaf provides a valuable source of information and inspiration. We prefer to have more to distribute among our four parishes. We would be grateful to offer at least 20-25 copies in the following parishes: Camperville-Winnipegosis-Duck Bay-Pine River.
Fr. Albert Lafreniere, O.M.I., Sainte Rose De Lima Church, Sainte Rose Du Lac, Manitoba
Greetings!... I would like to continue to receive Olive Leaf. I know my people are not the greatest of readers, but whenever I point out something in a particular issue, they are reminded to take a copy home. So, I shall endeavor to do that every issue. Who knows, we may have to request more copies? Which is why I am sending you a modest offering. Please keep up the good work. I am especially fond of the enticing way you present familiear teaching from the Vatican Council. Like Theresa Burke writes, "young men and women are in a unique position to carry the love of God into situations where only they have access," the entire Olive Leaf team seems to be doing just that. Thank you!
Fr. Bill Stang O.M.I., Sandy Bay, S.K.
It was indeed great to have a Mission Team come from St. Joseph's to minister to our people in Sandy Bay. It felt so right that all but one (a great one too) were laity - true ownership of Church as it is meant to be. Thankyou [to St. Joseph's Parish] for sending us this crew and for supporting them with your prayers & finances. The team did a marvellous job in witnessing to Jesus and this was well received by all who did attend. Our hope had been to touch the hearts of the faithful & broken, to give them new hope, new faith, new life - all this was accomplished. When speaking to the Team they encouraged me to write down some of the needs we have:
  1. To build up a meeting room used for Sacramental Preparation, we could use 24 stacking chairs.
  2. To help enchance our liturgy - a new set of Mass Vestments (4 colors) are needed.
  3. Funding to purchase videos, books, to help with Sacramental preparation & ministry preparation.
  4. Our Hall is in dire need of big tables & chairs. (20 tables & 100 chairs)
  5. We also need funds to educated our leaders in ministry.
I am truly grateful for what this team did for us and the great witnesses that they were for our people. It is this type of support that will bring our Church hope and help it to come alive.
Colleen Vanrobaeys, Deloraine, Manitoba
I recently picked up a copy of the Olive Leaf at St. Charles Parish in Winnipeg that I have really enjoyed reading. Please fine enclosed my contribution. I would appreciated being put on your subscription list and being sent each copy that you publish.
Darryl Flater, British Columbia
Even though we are not Catholic, we have enjoyed the Olive Leaf magazine for a couple of years now. It is always informative and uplifting and now we can enjoy your website as well. Bravo!! Your ministry is in our thoughts and prayers.
Todd, Janice Dawn, Justin, Caleb (& upcoming baby -- Sept. '97) Dobson
Hope this finds everyone well. For our "family" New Year's Resolution, we decided to pray each week, in a special way, for each person, family, (or in this case, community) who sent us Christmas Greetings. During the week of February 2-8, our family will be praying for the intentions of your families, community, and for all the work you do! Also enclosed is a small gift which I know will be put to good use! Have a lovely, peace filled week!